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We’re here to empower moms in India with a seamless return to work.

Our mission is to provide the support and resources you need to confidently re-enter the workforce and achieve your career goals while managing your family commitments. Let’s make your comeback a success story together.

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Get career advise only in Rs. 599/-

Gain invaluable insights on restarting your career through a one-hour session with accomplished industry leaders who are moms too. They bring their wealth of professional experience to guide you.


What Moms Say About Us

I’m so thankful for Return to Work program by Neha Agarwal and team. It was precisely what I needed to regain my confidence and return to my career. The mentorship and encouragement were top-notch!

Anupam Kaur

SEO Intern & a mom of a toddler girl

Return to Work initiative is a lifeline for moms like me. The support and mentorship I received were invaluable in navigating my way back into the professional world.

Shipra Sharma

Digital Marketing Professional & a mom of a toddler boy

I had been out of the workforce for years, and with Return To Work team’s guidance, I not only found my passion again but also secured a job that I love. Highly recommended, I’m finally
back on track.

Akanksha Gupta

Content Writer & a mom of a baby boy

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Return To Work After A Career Break & Be A Part Of Productive Workforce

Balancing motherhood with a career is a challenging task and many mothers end up sacrificing their careers to devote more time to raising their kids. Resuming a career and returning back to work after a sabbatical might encounter you with a lot of questions and anxiety. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your professional goals need not come to an end when parenting starts. 

If you are thinking about getting back on the horse this year, all you need is the right platform to start with, the appropriate strategy and the correct guidance. The shift in the working culture in the past few years, from working from the office to working from home and a hybrid mode, has made it easy for moms to return to work after a career break and be an active part of the workforce while still taking care of their little ones. 

We at Return to Work, provide you with the right platform and make this uphill battle of you beginning your professional journey an easy one. We support Moms in Career Comeback through our return to work programs.

Let The Ambitious You, Be Back In Full Swing With Return To Work Benefits

Returning to work after career break may seem scary at once, but trust us, it isn’t. With our return to work programs in India, we help you regain your confidence and improvise your skills, before you start applying for jobs and become an active part of the bandwagon. You might still be juggling in your thoughts and feeling under-confident about yourself after a career break, but here are some of the return to work benefits to consider.

  1. Sense Of Achievement

There’s nothing more fulfilling in the world than a sense of achievement. If you feel confident and are skilled, it will be immensely gratifying to see yourself achieve professional goals and success. 

  1. Financial Independence

The importance of financial independence in present times needs no explanation. By starting your career again with return to work opportunities, you can contribute to your family’s financial well-being and reduce any financial stress that may have occurred during your career break.

  1. Professional Growth 

When you return to work after a career break, it will help you resume your professional growth journey, leading to a sense of accomplishment. You can aim for hikes, promotions and setting new career goals. 

  1. Sharpen Your Intellectual Skills 

Work demands you to put in your intellectual skills and ability to accomplish a task, Hence, one of the major return-to-work benefits is it helps in honing your problem-solving abilities and learning new skills. 

  1. Role Modelling For Children

While you return to work after a gap, you are not only setting a stage for yourself, but you are also role modelling to your kids, how important it is to follow one’s passion and dreams. 

Although, there are own set of challenges in fulfilling your return to work goals such as time management and maintaining balance, however, the benefits always overpower them. So gear up, and seize the opportunity, there’s a bright career ahead waiting for you!

What Does The Return To Work Program Have To Offer

Our return to work program in India allows you to be the champion in the professional world again. Here is what we have to offer:

  1. 8-Week Program

Our 8-week return to work program in India is designed for moms who are on a career break of less than 3 years and want to get back in non-tech fields like digital marketing.

  1. One-Hour Career Consultation

We provide you with a platform to get in touch with seasoned professionals from the field and gain insights into your career possibilities. In our one-hour consultation session, you can discuss your qualifications, gap years and interest areas with our experts and can chalk out a way for you to return to work opportunities

  1. Digital Marketing Course

With digital marketing gaining prominence every passing day, if you want to gain the essential skills to enter the world of digital marketing, this course is for you. It is one of the finest ways of returning to work for moms in professional life, while still balancing family life. Unlock your potential and be ready to explore the various realms of digital marketing in this course. 

Why Choose Return To Work To Get Started Post Career-Break

Moms, we at Return to Work, strongly place our firm belief in the fact that staying more active in your motherhood journey doesn’t have to derail your career goals. We empower moms in India with a seamless return to work opportunities.

We are on a mission to help moms return to work with adequate resources and support they need, while still managing their family commitments. As of now, we’ve helped more than 500+ moms in resuming their careers with flexible job options. 

If you avail our career advice facility, we help you connect with industry professionals who are moms too and are a strong part of the workforce. In the one-hour session, you can gain a lot of insights with the industry leader’s wealth of professional guidance and make a smart move in resuming your career.

Check out our testimonials that speaks volume about us!

Frequently Asked Questions On Return To Work For Moms

– How to stay motivated after returning to work post-career break?

Learning from mistakes, staying positive and assessing and learning new skills can help you stay motivated after returning to work post-career break.

– What are the major benefits of returning to work after a break?

Financial independence, setting a positive role model for your kids and having a sense of accomplishment are some of the major benefits of returning to work.